Tom feels the strain of the family crisis while Ed has a lead on his own family crisis.

Radio Times: Ed tests his investigative skills.

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  • Tom is still cross that Kirsty is spending more time with Helen than with him, and is stressed because business is booming and it’s hard to meet the orders. He has words with Ed over his use of a mobile while he’s at work, and over Ed’s gibes about Kirsty.
  • At Grey Gables, Roy tells Lynda about his plans to achieve a more minimalist look – clean lines and traditional craftsmanship. Lynda is far to busy to help, though – she’s going to organise the restoration of the Cat and Fiddle.
  • Emma arrives to discuss her wedding cake with Ian, and asks Lynda’s advice about a particular poem for the wedding. Lynda tracks it down, to Emma’s relief. Ian makes some interesting suggestions for the cake, telling Emma to let her imagination run wild. After all, it’s Emma’s dream day and there are no limits on what she wants.
  • Roy tells his mates in the Bull how awful life with the Carters is, and how worried he is about the effect on Hayley. Ed’s worried about his dad’s court case, so is off to work on his car to avoid the atmosphere at home. Tom’s fed up about the effect of his family problems on his relationship with Kirsty. He knows everyone’s worried about Helen, so he’s trying to help at Bridge Farm as well as run his business, but it’s all too much.
  • Emma wants to tell Will about the poem, but finds Ed instead. She tries it out on Ed instead, but is interrupted by a call on Ed’s mobile. It’s information about a couple of butchers in Felpersham who might have information about the dodgy meat scam. Ed won’t let his dad go to prison, whatever happens.

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