Kathy’s on a crusade over school meals but budgetary constraints prevail.

Radio Times: Chris and George look to the future.

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  • The contractors are demolishing the Police House, watched by Lynda and Kathy. George is delighted to see horrid memories razed, and even Chris is relieved. Then they’re all off to the opening of Nigel’s Cruck barn. Kathy’s off to see the Head at the Primary School about the school meals.
  • Ed’s had a bad night thinking about the phone call. He’s desperate to find some witnesses to save Eddie from prison. He and Jazzer go to Felpersham looking for the butchers mentioned by the caller. One of them threatens Ed with the police and the other one is closed. He’s really upset; time’s run out for Eddie.
  • There’s a good turn out for the barn opening. Nigel makes a speech thanking all his friends for helping. Lynda gushes over it, and tells Nigel and Lewis about her plans for the Cat and Fiddle. They are exactly the calibre of person she wants for her committee … Oliver, Usha and Ashok have been invited.
  • Kathy gets a favourable hearing at the primary school, but has to recognise that the range of food is subject to budgetary constraints.

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