Eddie contemplates life in prison – there is not a shred of evidence to keep him out.

Radio Times: The future looks bleak for Eddie.

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  • Managing the house build is keeping Neil so busy that other things are slipping but he is determined not to over-burden Betty. When Tom comes to help with moving the pig arks, Susan takes over mucking out the hens. If all is well, the kit house should be delivered this week.
  • David is following Sam’s advice and upgrading the water troughs all over the farm; Eddie and his digger have been drafted in to help but his mind is on Thursday’s court appearance.
  • Tom is easily talked into moving yet more arks; he has nowhere else to go, nobody else to be with.
  • Susan is still hopeful that Christopher will reconsider sixth form if his results are good; Betty tries to persuade her that a farrier is a skilled trade but it does not satisfy Susan’s ambitions for her son.
  • Tom is grateful for the support that Kirsty is giving to his sister but he feels in need of some support himself. Neil’s advice is to make life as normal as possible for Helen and there is no sense in getting annoyed with Kirsty. Tom decides he will take her out for dinner one night this week to have some time on their own.
  • Eddie is keen to get on with David’s work. He wants to do as much as possible before Thursday. In spite of David’s encouragement, he feels that, barring a miracle, he will be going to prison.

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