Ed’s perseverance is rewarded with the discovery of a potentially valuable witness.

Radio Times: Roy loses patience with Lynda.

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  • It’s OK for Roy to grab some fresh air on his break and to pass the time of day with George, to canvass his opinion of the Bistro. However, it’s not OK for Lynda: she is supposed to be on the desk and Roy is exasperated when she proceeds to report on the meeting about her new pet project – the rehabilitation of the Cat & Fiddle.
  • William is just not interested in Ed’s idea: Ed wants Will to accompany him to visit a butcher who might know something about the dodgy meat scam. It could be their father’s last chance.
  • Lynda still has her mind on things artistic but Roy points out that there are jobs waiting for her attention.
  • Ed is determined and visits the butcher, Maurice, by himself; not surprisingly, he is not very keen on discussing the subject of dodgy meat and insists that everything he sells is above-board.
  • William has taken delivery of some new birds and he thinks they look odd but, since the supplier was recommended by Mr Aldridge, he is not inclined to make a fuss. George is able to explain that they are a French breed.
  • When Maurice has finished explaining what he thinks about traders like Eddie and the damage they do to legitimate businesses, he does admit that he had a visitor who offered some meat at very low prices. He was glad he turned him down because he later saw the same man driving away from the abattoir – after hours. That’s the sort of thing Ed was hoping to hear, but can he persuade Maurice to repeat it all in court and risk the retribution of Snatch and his cronies? If not, Eddie will probably be sent down for something he didn’t do.

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