Helen is in a bad way and Kirsty opts to keep her company again – poor Tom!

Radio Times: Helen goes downhill.

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  • Tom has delivered some vegetables and is looking forward to a date with Kirsty. Helen explodes when she finds that a breakdown in communications has resulted in her and Kirsty double ordering some stock.
  • At Brookfield, Usha has called after a manic half-day stimulated by a call from Ed. Ruth is keen to hear all about Canada.
  • Helen realises that she over-reacted and pours out her nightmares to Kirsty. She keeps recalling her return to the cottage to collect some clothes; Greg thought she was coming back. If only he had asked her to stay. Kirsty suggests writing down her thoughts to stop the same things going round in her mind, or maybe she could write a letter to Greg. Helen is not ready for Kirsty’s suggestion to come out more; she spends her evenings crying. Kirsty resolves not to let her be like that tonight.
  • Usha enjoyed her holiday, in spite of her over-bearing future mother-in-law. Ashok seems to have enjoyed it more and could even live there.
  • Neil is pleased that the scaffolding is going well and the house supplier has pronounced the foundations spot-on. Tom is helping with the pigs and declares himself willing to cover again for Neil later in the week when the house is delivered. Kirsty phones to say that tonight is off: Helen needs her more than Tom. Tom tries in vain to push forward his own case for some time with Kirsty but has to accept the promise of a date some other time.

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