Hopes are raised and hopes are dashed; Eddie’s witness has decided not to testify.

Radio Times: The novelty wears off for Brian.

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  • Harvest is not far away now, so Adam is making sure that everything is cleaned, checked and ready. He is off to the Royal on Friday so he has a list of jobs for Brian to do and Brian does not seem to relish this subordinate role. He also seems to be going soft because, after telling Adam to get on and manage the strawberry pickers, he is sympathetic towards the sacked Dimitro. Alice having a face like a curled up sandwich may have something to do with it.
  • In the shop, Clarrie tells Susan about the wedding outfit she has just bought; Susan is keen to see it – they mustn’t clash. It’s a busy week with the kit house being delivered tomorrow and the party Friday. Clarrie has her own worries about tomorrow but the butcher Maurice Houghton has said he will give evidence and that might help.
  • Sam and Ruth are viewing a furniture sale; he needs some more storage space, so Ruth now know what to bid for tomorrow. Sam has fallen down on a promise to ring his girl-friend and her text message indicates that she is cross.
  • Susan like Clarrie’s outfit but it is bringing Clarrie no joy. Eddie is out for a drink with Joe, enjoying his freedom while he can, because Maurice Houghton has backed out; maybe someone has warned him off. Usha hasn’t said as much but without Houghton’s statement, Eddie isn’t coming home tomorrow.

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