Helen realises that she can’t manage the baby alone and will need support from her friends.

Radio Times: Kirsty steps into the breach and Robert exacts an ingenious revenge.

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  • Lynda and Robert have finally realised that their b&b guests have been letting their children eat extra food and make use of the bathroom. Lynda is all for confronting them but Robert decides on a better option. He makes them packed lunches for a walk and says he will add it to the bill at the end of the week – and they will turn out to be quite expensive packed lunches. They won’t be welcome back, that’s for sure.
  • Helen turns up at the shop really early to search for the missing chiller book. She is obviously exhausted and after some argument, Kirsty calls Tom into help and sends Helen home.
  • Jill picks out a crystal rose bowl for the Flower and Produce trophy in memory of Phil. Pip got on okay back at college. No one mentioned Jude. Still, she’ll really have to apply herself to her work now; she has fallen so far behind.
  • The chiller book turns up behind the chiller so the EHO is happy and the open day goes extremely well. Tom and Kirsty have a chat about how stressed she is getting. She is just starting to realise that the baby is not something she can control. She’s only just facing up to the reality that there is another human being involved. Still, Tom goes round to tell her how the day went and to offer her his support.

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