Borchester Land is going to have to buy another strip of land to enable the new market to go ahead.

Radio Times: Brian does some lateral thinking and it is the grand opening of the new bird hide.

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  • Alice and Christopher have been buying new furniture for the cottage. Jennifer is storing the old furniture because they will need it when they split up. Lilian tells her to stop being a misery. There are more worrying things in the village. Including the Bull. Lilian is thinking it will have to close. Takings have taken a dive and pubs are closing everywhere. She’d rather keep it going but reality might suggest otherwise.
  • Brian is running into a few problems with planning. There might be problems with access along the new road they are planning. There might be an option to divert the access road which the Council seems happy with. I wonder who owns that strip of land…… Whoever it is is going to make a good bit of money.
  • The new bird hide has opened at Arkwright Lake and has a feature on Radio Borchester. Lilian even gets an interview on her views on the wildlife around the lake. Not that it’s hugely successful.
  • Fallon is trying to get Jolene interested in the pub and in Christmas in particular, and also restarting quiz nights. But Jolene really can’t give a damn. Kirsty also tells Fallon that she has heard the pub is closing and Fallon angrily denies it.

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