Lilian makes it clear that she cannot afford to rescue The Bull.

Radio Times: Clarrie has her suspicions and is it last orders at The Bull?

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  • The birthday cake that Joe has requested will be oozing with cream. When her rather vivid description of it sends Emma rushing to the bathroom, Clarrie is quick to work out the cause. Of course she is delighted, but Emma swears her to secrecy for now: she hasn’t even told her mum that she is pregnant.
  • Ian and Adam are enjoying lunch in an award-winning pub; before the new chef arrived it was dying – like The Bull is now! The atmosphere there is like a morgue. Would Lilian keep it going? She surely wouldn’t want to see it close but there is no sentiment in business.
  • Eddie has had a good day but he realises that he is wasting his time telling Clarrie about it; she isn’t listening. She tells him why – but of course he must not tell anyone else. The temporary secrecy will give them time to work out how to tell William. Eddie doesn’t think it will be a problem, now that Will is settled with Nic; Clarrie is not so sure.
  • Not being a big fan of the game, Ian has done his bit by watching an hour of the cricket at Waterley Cross. Now at The Bull, he sounds out Lilian about the future of Ambridge’s pub. She explains that she is not in a position to buy Jolene out and, anyway, it wouldn’t be the same with a manager in place of the perfect host and hostess, as Sid and Jolene were. Maybe they will have to call time on The Bull.

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