Matt pulls a fast one.

Radio Times: Matt sets the cat among the pigeons and Lynda is thrown into a panic.

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  • Would you believe it? Until two weeks ago, the strip of land that Brian needs for access to BL’s proposed new market site belonged to the owner of the business park; then it was sold – to Matt. Wiley old dog!
  • How long has Matt’s plan been brewing? Brian has to concede that Matt’s council contacts are better than his. So what is his price? It’s not just about cash: Matt wants shares in BL and a seat on the board – for Lilian.
  • Joe is scathing about the beans Bert has donated to the shop, also about his role as special adviser to the Lower Loxley allotment holders. The other interesting gossip from the shop is not to Eddie’s liking: Nathan Booth overheard Lilian in The Bull garden telling Ian that she can’t buy Jolene out. That looks bad for the village pub.
  • Jennifer wants a word with Lynda about the hide at Arkwright Lake but not now; Lynda has a crisis; they are an F&P vegetable judge missing: gardening expert Harold (actually she is a woman) has eloped with the motoring correspondent, Colin, also a woman.
  • Brian is so wound up about Matt. He can’t believe his cheek. Jennifer is sure Lilian isn’t in on it. Jennifer would hate to be on the BL board – all that back stabbing. Brian thinks it is all bluff. The land has no intrinsic value and Matt is strapped for cash. They should hold their nerve. BL won’t wear his demands; they will know that Matt would be pulling Lilian’s strings. More immediately, Jennifer has to face the Golf Club dinner on Thursday; they are going, as are Matt and Lilian and half the BL board.

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