Helen’s date with Leon ends on a kiss. Tony wants to hang onto the purse strings.

Radio Times: Helen gets back in the game with Leon.

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  • Tony and Pat return, having enjoyed a hot Turkey. Tony’s back feels better after forceful manipulation in a Turkish bath. Tom raises the issue of signing cheques, despite Helen knowing it’s better to wait until Pat’s there to side with them. Tony says it’s not necessary and before Tom can reply, Helen again says to wait until mum’s there.
  • Sid’s unhappy. Fuelled by Shires, Eddie and Neil have been telling a busy pub that swine flu’s upstairs disguised as Wayne despite knowing it’s bronchitis. Sid wants Wayne to go, he’s not their problem, but Jolene insists he’s staying while he can’t even get down the stairs to sneak a pint in the night. Things aren’t improved by Sid blaming Wayne’s presence for Jamie not coming to stay, throwing Sid’s summer holiday schedule into disarray.
  • When Tom brings up the cheques again Tony keeps interrupting with how he’s paid this one bill, until Tom finishes with Pat agrees that partners should have equal rights. Tony still doesn’t. He likes to keep track of where the money’s going, widening who can sign cheques complicates that and he’ll talk to Pat.
  • Helen’s date with Aussie Leon is in a quiet pub where they can chat. He finds her nervous and says it’s as if her confidence has taken a beating. She tells of her husband’s death. Later, back at his place, he makes her laugh before saying he never could resist a woman with a sexy laugh. After they kiss, he admires her beautiful lips and the skin of her neck that’s like a swan’s down. [Bet he’s used those lines before.] She says it’s time to go. He tries to persuade her to stay the night with the offer of organic bacon for breakfast followed by a ten minute walk to Ambridge Organics, but she thanks him for a lovely evening and says she must go.

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