Jack forgets who Jennifer is. Fallon remembers a family outing to the beach.

Radio Times: The grace period is over for Lilian.

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  • Lilian’s up late and is planning on phoning Veronica for news of Chalkman’s FSO interview this week. Jennifer’s not pleased but bites her tongue and goes to sit with Jack while Peggy goes to church.
  • Wayne recalls a family holiday to a beach and Fallon tells him it was Weston-super-Mare. Jolene’s surprised Fallon can remember that, she was only three or four. Wayne used to have a photo of Fallon there on a donkey for years, until his wallet was nicked. Fallon remembers a big sandcastle too, with a fag on the top, but Wayne doesn’t. Later, Jolene tells Fallon she remembers it differently; Wayne spent half an hour on the beach with them, then went to the pub. She doesn’t remember a sandcastle.
  • Jack’s refusing to get washed and dressed, he’s waiting for Barney. Jennifer arrives but Jack things it’s Hazel from her voice and doesn’t recognise her. By half one, Peggy’s had a couple of hours sleep and Jack’s happy. He know Jennifer’s Barney’s friend, although he keeps forgetting her name, declares he likes her and asks if she can come again. Jennifer tells her mother she can’t cope but Peggy insists she has to; like Jack, she seems to have forgotten she’s been here before.
  • On arriving home Jennifer attacks Lilian for obsessing about Matt when their mum’s in such a fix. Then starts crying. Jack’s going to forget who they all are eventually. Lilian comforts her and says she’ll pop round later and stay the night if necessary.

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