The secret honeymoon destination is …… Brittany!

Radio Times: Vicky’s optimism takes a downward turn.

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  • Mike gives Jazzer a last final lesson at Grange Farm before he goes on honeymoon but he won’t tell him where they are going. Mike thinks he and Ed will have to rent extra land from Borchester Land. Ed is reluctant but it’s probably the best option.
  • Helen and Tom are finding the farm hard work without Pat and Tony. But they’ve got through it. Though it was a bit embarrassing that they couldn’t pay for the extra detergent because their names weren’t on the cheque book. That will have to change.
  • Fallon is fed up with her father still staying at the Bull and so Jazzer takes her out for a curry to cheer her up. She talks about her father, it’s not that he means much to her but he is her father in the end.
  • Vicky shows Mike the skimpy new bikini she has bought for the honeymoon. Mike is overwhelmed but thinks she might need a cardie. Vicky begins to be suspicious and even more worried when Mike says there is a sharp wind on the Channel. He finally breaks it to her that the B the holiday begins with stands for ……. Brittany!

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