Helen’s pregnant. She’s sure she is. Pip wants to revise, not party.

Radio Times: Pip starts to feel the pressure, and Helen looks forward to new beginnings.

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  • Robert’s doing a good job renovating the shop, although it’s causing chaos with the shop open at the same time. Susan suggests asking Mrs Woolley to open the new shop; without her there wouldn’t be one. Pat seconds the idea.
  • Helen sailed through the treatment and is convinced she’s now pregnant. Pat tries to be the voice of sanity but Helen, despite knowing the odds, knows. And she’s also seeing pregnant women everywhere, including some Pat thinks are just a bit fat. She also claims she will bear being the size of a house and dashing to the loo every five minutes with silent stoicism.
  • Pip’s cooking dinner for Jude but her plans for revision after are threatened by Jude learning of a party. They can skip dinner, get pizza, booze, and party! Pip’s firm, after a fashion. She needs a couple of hours to revise. Then they can go.
  • Some time later Jude’s still distracting Pip, this time by singing with his headphones on. He suggests they party and then he’ll wake her early tomorrow so she can revise then. Pip’s not that lovestruck and knows it wouldn’t happen. She wants to stay in and revise. Surely Jude understands, she’s got exams. Jude doesn’t and says he’ll have to go on his own.

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