Helen sees the truth for herself. Fallon still can’t see the truth. Jazzer finally accepts the truth.

Radio Times: Helen loses her rose-tinted glasses.

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  • Tom and Brenda have arranged to meet one of Brenda’s friends at Leon’s bar in Borchester, and Helen decides to come along to give Leon his present. Tom makes fun of the aromatherapy set, but is soon ogling a girl in a very short skirt. Brenda tells Helen about Jazzer’s feelings for Fallon, which annoys Tom, who told her in confidence. Well, says Brenda, now I’m telling Helen in confidence.
  • As Jazzer’s romantic inclinations are under scrutiny in Borchester, the man himself is at the bar in the Bull. Fallon tells him how much she enjoyed working with Wayne on Christmas Day; she’s only sorry Jazzer’s family can’t enjoy time together without resorting to a punch-up. Jazzer says he’ll be at the Bull on New Year’s Eve. Fallon thinks he should invite his new love, but Jazzer says that’s all over. From now on he’s going to be his old bitter and cynical self.
  • Brenda’s friend is late, and as they wait, they see Ian come in. Helen doesn’t want to see him; she’s still upset about his attitude to Leon. But then Leon himself arrives – and makes straight for the girl Tom was admiring. A furious Helen storms up to the amorous pair and tells the girl to leave her boyfriend alone. Leon coldly tells Helen he had always made it clear that he wanted a good time with no strings attached. As Helen becomes more and set at him, and knocks his mobile out of his hand.
  • Brenda is very worried about Helen, who has retreated to the ladies in tears. When she finally emerges, Tom offers to take her home, but Helen says just she wants to be left alone. Now she realises that Ian was right all along.

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