Ed’s has his first crisis as a dairy farmer. Jazzer has a crisis in his love life.

Radio Times: There’s a Christmas crisis at Grange Farm.

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  • Shula has a tale to tell about Christmas dinner with her father-in-law but Jill thought they got off lightly; she has a thing or two to tell the Prof who knows it all.
  • The Bull has been busy but finally all customers are satisfied. Everyone sends their compliments to the chef who confesses his hand may have slipped when making the brandy butter.
  • Jazzer has not had a harmonious Christmas – too much drink led to a family argument – but he looks forward to a quiet drink with Ed later.
  • Alistair is not enjoying the party games dreamt up by his father and Kenton. There are reports of Phil having to do a ‘just a minute’ on the sky at night but for obvious reasons we didn’t hear that. A phone call sends Alistair hurrying off to Grange Farm, which Jim thinks is very thoughtless; yes, cows these days have no consideration!
  • Ed blames himself but Alistair is not at all sorry to be called out. The cow doesn’t seem to have broken her pelvis; they just need to get her inside and make her comfortable. With luck she will get up of her own accord in a couple of days.
  • In The Bull, Jazzer is forced to explain his grand gesture with the stretched limo but Tom’s arrival rather spoils the effect. Tom talks to him later and encourages him to tell Fallon how he feels but Jazzer is convinced that she would laugh at him; he will resign himself to the single life.

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