Helen shares her problems with Pat, revealing new aspects of Greg’s background.

Radio Times: Helen plays Pandora.

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  • Helen is upset and is taking it out on Greg. She encouraged him to try and establish contact with his daughters and, now that his efforts have borne fruit, he is understandably keen to build on this and visit them as soon as possible, in January. That, she deduces, means that their planned holiday is off.
  • Ruth is impressed that Jill has got the hang of e-mails; they received one at midnight which David will have to read for himself. David reports from an evening at The Bull that Oliver and Caroline were spotted having a drink a deux, so maybe that relationship is on again.
  • Visiting Home Farm to collect some old recipes, Pat encounters the reclusive Lilian. She is rather aggressive, being caught without even her turban to disguise her shorn hair. She is even more upset when Greg walks in, looking for Brian: Jennifer is supposed to warn her when gorgeous men are about. This is the cue for David to come downstairs, having settled Pip and Josh for a night away, and come face to rearranged face with Lilian. Blimey!
  • David returns home as Ruth is putting the finishing touches to an e-mail to Jill. He cannot wait to tell her the news that Lilian has been beaten up but Ruth deduces the truth and is able to let him in on Ambridge’s worst kept secret. He tries to remember what he said but Ruth is sure that Lilian would have been more embarrassed than he.
  • Over supper at Bridge Farm, Pat quizzes Helen about what is wrong; she has bumped into a rather uncomfortable Greg twice today and Peggy reported an atmosphere at dinner on Wednesday. Helen explains that the holiday is off and wonders whether she will always play second fiddle, not to his job, not to his ex-wife but to his children. When she has heard the details Pat thinks that it is great news for Greg. Helen sees this too but feels it is not good news for her. She does not want to make him choose and she does not want to be selfish but she hardly sees him as it is; with his kids back in his life this seems certain to get worse.

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