Lynda is bent on improving relations with Robert’s daughters; Oliver and Caroline are also getting on well.

Radio Times: Caroline is press-ganged.

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  • Pillow talk at Ambridge Hall is about Christmas; Lynda has had the idea of inviting Robert’s daughters, Leoni and Coriander, for a Victorian Christmas. After the ‘Wales incident’ Robert had declared his intention to give a higher priority to his daughters, so now is his chance. Lynda seems to feel the need to demonstrate to them that she makes Robert happy.
  • Mike is giving Oliver the benefit of his advice on what needs to be done to keep the river and its bank in good condition on his property. He not only gets the job but Oliver tips him off that Nigel has some work at Lower Loxley. Ed arrives as Mike leaves, to announce that Joe is waiting for Oliver. Oliver notices the gleam in Ed’s eye; it is the result of visiting Emma yesterday.
  • Caroline listens to Lynda’s Christmas plans with scepticism; Lynda has contacted both her step-daughters with lukewarm response. Caroline is bound for Grange Farm to witness Joe giving a cider-making lesson to Oliver this afternoon. And this evening? We’ll see!
  • Meanwhile Robert is also ringing his daughters and, though he has to remind Leoni about the rather large favour he did her this year, he gets a result. So when Lynda returns he is able to report that both daughters are committed and Coriander will be bringing boy-friend Justin too.
  • If Caroline thought she was just going to watch, she was mistaken. Joe has adopted a foreman cum slave-driver role and is rather enjoying it. During a brief respite, it transpires that Oliver’s knowledge of vintage tractors is considerable. Then back to work on apple collection and on pressing, although Caroline finds the opportunity to suggest a ‘proper’ drink at The Bull this evening with Oliver; dinner is a possibility sometime too.

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