George’s birthday celebrations are disturbed by a tiff between Greg and Helen.

Radio Times: Undercurrents at the dinner table.

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  • In spite of the rain, George is more comfortable down by the river than at The Lodge. There is good news: the Harveys have cried off from his birthday dinner this evening. Brian on the other hand, at a loose end because Jenny is taking Lilian to London for removal of stitches, gets an invitation; why not, it is George’s party after all. Greg also reckons he has had some good news.
  • Ed fills Emma in on the last few days; he wanted to come to the hospital before but her Dad was dead against it. He still hates the sight of Ed though. Ed recounts the incident at Willow Farm, when Neil ordered him and Eddie off his land. Will hates him too. Emma just wants things back to normal.
  • Over dinner George reveals that his son once got into trouble over a car. Greg believes that boredom is the killer; young people need a challenge.
  • Ed tries out the crutches, although soon to the annoyance of Emma. Such diversions keep his mind off the impending court case. He fears that he will be sent down.
  • The cheese course is an opening for Helen to explain her cheese ambitions, centred upon Borsetshire Blue. Greg’s light-hearted remark that she is becoming a cheese anorak sends Helen abruptly away from the table in tears.
  • Peggy seeks to soothe and asks Helen if it is about Greg being a divorcee. It is rather that he is blowing hot and cold over their planned holiday. Since they haven’t discussed it yet, Peggy thinks it would clear the air if they did. It is not that simple.
  • Before Ed dashes to keep his curfew, Emma questions him about whether he is sleeping normally. They discover that they are both having nightmares about the accident and no-one else understands.

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