Susan passes on the news that Ed may visit Emma; Greg receives a phone call from his daughter.

Radio Times: Elizabeth finds Nigel alluring.

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  • Helen has risen early, although not as early as Greg, for a picnic breakfast together by hurricane lamp. She tells him that she has stopped the cheese tasting at Ambridge Organics but was encouraged by the results. For their next jaunt together, she fancies Chester; Greg took the girls there once. More immediately there is a Host-a-roast at the pub in Waterley Cross on Saturday.
  • At Keeper’s Cottage, Eddie is seeking a cheap fountain to complete his landscaping job and Clarrie is making a cushion for Joe to insulate him from a cold, hard tractor seat. Eddie may scoff at Oliver Stirling but it was kind to offer Joe some ground to practise and he did speak up for Ed.
  • Elizabeth has had an email from Mum; in spite of the expense, club class did not reward Phil with much sleep. Nigel is tending the birds in preparation for the falconry course this week and clearly enjoying it very much. He lays on an impressive demonstration for Elizabeth, sending a bird soaring befor swooping on the lure. He has to be brought down to earth himself for a decision on clearing the nature trail.
  • When Clarrie pops in to the shop, Susan is able to tell her that Neil says Ed can visit Emma in hospital; they should not get their hopes up about his attitude, it is purely for Emma’s sake. Eddie brings more good news: he has finished the job and been paid. He is rather scathing about Neil’s change of mind; Ed can visit tomorrow evening, after Neil and Susan but before his curfew.
  • Helen receives a phone call from an excited Greg: his daughter Annette has rung. The conversation was a bit stilted at first but then she told him lots. He is thinking about going to France in January when he can have time off. Isn’t that when he and Helen were supposed to be going away? Oh, they can go any time!

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