Emma puts her foot down (the good one!) and the ban on Ed visiting is lifted.

Radio Times: Emma bemoans the ban.

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  • Betty’s words have struck home; Mike is busy with domestic chores and is singing as well. Even Neil notices his cheerful disposition. Mike explains that Betty has been under a lot of stress, trying to mediate between the Carters and the Grundys, so he realises that he needed to lighten her load. Neil is adamant that, as far as he and Eddie are concerned, she is wasting her time.
  • Emma is bored in hospital, so visitors are welcome; especially when, like Betty, they bring a prize-winning apple pie from the Harvest Supper. However, she has a keener appetite for news of Ed; he has not come again to visit her as he promised. Betty explains that Neil has forbidden it.
  • Mike calls on Eddie to see if he has anything for the bonfire; surveying all the rubbish he has about, Mike cannot resist expressing the view that he has quite a lot for the bonfire. Mike explains that he has several jobs lined up, including one at Grange Farm. To Eddie that is like a red rag to a bull.
  • Emma makes it clear to her father when he visits that it is not up to him who comes to see her in hospital. She is lonely and bored and she wants to see her mates; especially, she wants to see Ed.
  • Neil turns up at the shop rather earlier than expected, having been dismissed by his daughter. Betty admits that she had told Emma about Neil’s ban on Ed visiting; Emma had asked and Betty couldn’t lie to her. Neil accepts that but wonders what they do now. Susan convinces him that, for Emma’s sake they should allow Ed to visit. Neil agrees reluctantly but he will not be the one to tell Ed; he would not give him the satisfaction.

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