George has his fill of apples on Apple Day while Jill and Phil head for Oz.

Radio Times: A fright in the kitchen.

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  • Lilian has not slept well. Her stitches hurt but they will be coming out on Wednesday. Jenny was shocked to see the extent of the bruising when she picked her up yesterday. Alice has seen her, when she came down for the crossword, and to her credit made no comment. Brian, on the other hand, thought she would appreciate a joke about it. Wrong!
  • At the Apple Day, first Daniel then Jamie are trying to bite a floating apple. They are looking forward to the Halloween Disco but Daniel will have to be more diligent at cleaning out his stick insect if he is to get a costume made for him. Ruth noticed that Clarrie sat next to Susan in church, so that is a good sign.
  • George is busy tasting apples. He has no trouble with Jenny’s Russett but when Pip presents him with hers, the experience is not so pleasant. It is really bitter and he recognises it straight away as a Borsetshire Beauty cider apple.
  • Kathy has made a strudel and Clarrie has made an apple pie for the Harvest Supper, even though she will not be going. Joe and Ed are picking apples at Grange Farm but Eddie is at home, under orders to keep a low profile.
  • Jill and Phil will be flying off to Australia this evening. Unfortunately, Jill had not realised that it is half-term, so Ruth has the problem of keeping the children amused and doing her farm work; Jennifer offers to have them one day in the week, which is much appreciated. Ruth has a routine cancer check-up on Thursday.
  • George is interested in the falconry courses at Lower Loxley which start tomorrow, although he is a bit staggered when he learns the price. Tasting apples eventually loses its appeal; he will not want to see another one for quite a while. Clarrie explains that she has bought a jar of Mrs Aldridge’s crab-apple jelly as a peace offering for Neil and Susan. Susan will appreciate it but Neil is still so angry that Clarrie wonders whether it will ever come right.

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