Jennifer puts her foot in it with Susan, who makes up with Clarrie

Radio Times: Overseas mail for Greg.

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  • Jennifer has called at Bridge Farm and is giving the details of Lilian’s operation to Pat who is very unsympathetic. Clarrie asks if she can leave work early to check up on Ed at home. Helen arrives and is pleased to see Jennifer who is researching the history of cheese-making in Ambridge for her. When Jennifer goes, Helen tells Pat she is taking the afternoon off to meet Greg. Pat asks if she knows Greg is divorced. Helen is surprised that Pat knows but says it is no big deal and that if Pat is so interested in Greg she might like to know that they are going away on holiday together.
  • In the shop, Betty tells Susan that she is anxious about Mike who seems to be going into a depression. Pat arrives with the yoghurt and lets out that Lilian is returning from having a face lift to recuperate at Home Farm. She makes no secret of her thoughts on the matter.
  • Helen has joined Greg and can’t understand why he is so uncommunicative. Eventually he shows her a letter he has received from his daughter, Annette. He doesn’t know how to respond. Helen suggests he write back and give his telephone number for her to ring him. The idea cheers him up.
  • Jennifer is in the shop and learns that Betty and Susan know of Lilian’s operation. She is angry it is the subject of gossip in the village and expresses her anxieties as she fears Lilian’s sensitivity over her condition. Susan talks about the possibility of Emma needing skin grafts. Jennifer feels mortified by her own insensitivity and leaves hurriedly. When Clarrie comes in and sees Susan, Betty decides the feud has gone on long enough and tells them they must sort it out and she is leaving them to it. Susan and Clarrie emotionally admit how they have missed each other and make up.

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