Helen turns the head of one of her customers.

Radio Times: Things are looking up for Helen.

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  • There’s a nice surprise for Oliver this morning: Ed is already getting the cows in and will stay for the milking, although he might not come in for a couple of days. He admits his recent bender but the counsellor was solid about it. He needs to work out why it happened and how to handle it – and he needs to look out for SIDs (seemingly irrelevant decisions).
  • As she gives Clarrie a hand in the dairy, Helen asks whether Eddie would be free to put up some shelves in the shop; not this week but Ed might. Clarrie seeks Helen’s advice about over-facing Ed with a family celebration of Joe’s birthday; why not ask Ed?
  • As the Rufus Williams’ painting takes its place in the long gallery, Nigel reveals the source of his disquiet. If Uncle Rupert painted over one valuable masterpiece, why not others – and they have sold them for a pittance!
  • Clarrie broaches with Ed the subject of the birthday party. It would mean a lot to his granddad, so could he handle it? It will not be easy but he will try.
  • Ruth is shopping at Ambridge Organics for Josh’s birthday party. A mystery customer with a sexy smile is also in the shop; Ruth observes afterwards that he obviously likes Helen and she will want a full update on any future developments. (Who would have thought that Ruth was so adept at spotting when a man is smitten with a woman!)

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