David ensures that his next meeting with Sophie will be just the two of them.

Radio Times: Nigel and Lizzie get a lesson in art.

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  • Sophie has turned up early at Brookfield; she resists an invitation to go into the house, preferring to stay in the silage-fresh air with David and the sheep.
  • So the mystery is solved: Uncle Rupert’s painting has been removed to reveal one by Rufus Williams, worth £20K. Elizabeth and Nigel proudly show it off to Sophie and David when they arrive to discuss the charity fashion show. Robert Snell turns up on his bike to tender Lynda’s apologies (doesn’t he have a phone any more?) and gets roped in to help as a lighting engineer.
  • Nigel doesn’t seem delighted about the painting; he doesn’t really care where it is hung. He doesn’t think it is any better than Uncle Rupert’s and cannot understand the high valuation. Elizabeth however is bent on milking it for all the publicity she can get.
  • When she drops David off, Sophie explains that she must get back to mother so cannot stay and she will be away for a couple of days. So she arranges a meeting with David for Thursday to organise the PA system. Robert Snell, dejectedly walking home with a broken chain, offers to come along but David firmly rejects the idea: he clearly doesn’t want any company at his meeting with Sophie. It’s not been a good day for Robert: there was another rejection in the post this morning. His heart is not in it to submit any more applications; like his bike he is only fit for the scrap heap.

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