Sophie monopolises David at the F&P Show.

Radio Times: No news is bad news for Ian.

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  • Ian can’t wait: Madds should be back but hasn’t responded to his messages. He would drive to London but for his commitment to judge the Flower & Produce Show today.
  • Phil and Jill are still sparring over their respective entries for the Show. Phil is proud of his natural hemp colouring and gives Jill no chance to explain that the green icing on her delicious looking sponge is natural – sort of.
  • Sophie has turned up at the Show; when Jack sees her with David he takes her to be David’s wife. Jill feels they did not try very hard to put him right. Sophie remembers Jack as a fantastic businessman and wistfully remarks that the past is sometimes a nice place to be – then proceeds to monopolise David for the afternoon. They agree that they should have kept in touch. David is still planning to attend her sub-committee meeting tomorrow.
  • Phil won nothing. Ian had explained to him beforehand that taste was everything and his hemp cake was just not tasty. Jill fared better and Phil was gracious enough to congratulate her. At the subsequent auction, Phil’s cake was not left ignominiously unsold; it attracted keen bidding from Ruth and Sophie but was finally bought by Jazzer – who will probably be very disappointed!

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