Helen wants another 6 months maternity leave. Has Oliver upset Ed?

Radio Times: Ed feels on edge and Oliver tries to be helpful.

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  • The book that Jennifer has chosen for the book club is an odd one: Pat finds it a bit racy and, being by a local author, she suspects it is based on local people. She reports to Helen on the successful evening with Kathy, also on the trouble Tom and Brenda are having with their noisy new neighbour.
  • Oliver is at a loose end. He has already been shopping in Ambridge Organics and now pays an impromptu visit on Ed, noting that there is a cow off colour. Ed makes his excuses and gets on with the milking.
  • Kirsty, Helen and of course baby Henry are visiting the wetland scheme which is now well established. Helen sounds Kirsty out on her plan to take another 6 months maternity leave; it was not unexpected and Kirsty is happy to keep on running the shop; Tamsin will stay on to help.
  • Ed returns home to find Emma ‘resting her eyes’ and with fraying nerves. He has not had a good day either. So far he hasn’t called in the vet over the problem cow but he feels that Oliver is checking up on him and thinks he is not coping; Oliver was also critical that he had not helped David as promised.
  • Still at a loose end, Oliver decides to take a look at the wetland scheme, so impressed was he with Kirsty’s description. He confides his concern that he has upset Ed but Helen assures him, with some feeling, that with a lack of sleep things can get out of proportion.

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