Brian loses the argument at the BL Board meeting; they will go for early completion of the market.

Radio Times: Brian faces a battle in the boardroom, and Adam agrees to play Cupid.

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  • The BL Board has a decision to make – about the early completion of the new market. Brian is against: he fears incurring the higher costs of early completion and then missing the deadline.
  • Are there any spare places on the fruit pickers’ outing to the pottery? It’s Harry who wants to know. Adam has a bit of fun with him and offers to reserve the mini-bus seat next to Zofia for him. Jazzer has shown no interest; it’s just as well after his behaviour at the play: he fell asleep and snored.
  • Lilian presents a powerful argument in favour of going for early completion. Annabelle does what she said she would – judge the matter on its merits; she supports Lilian and they win the day.
  • Jennifer has to admit that the book she has chosen, pandering to popular taste, is rubbish; she is finding it difficult to get past the first chapter. They have found an ideal school for Ruairidh, as long as he likes it when they take him to see it. Adam reports his encounter with Harry and that Jazzer has now also applied for a place on the trip. Perhaps the competition will reveal Harry to be a cauldron of passion; it will be an interesting experiment.

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