Ruth has no birthday card from Elizabeth. Pip decides to intervene.

Radio Times: Pip feels indignant, and the competition hots up for Harry and Jazzer.

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  • Ruth is savouring her birthday treats: great parents, a lie in, breakfast and later there will be cards and then the family are coming round for a meal – with the notable exceptions of Freddy and Lily.
  • Harry is disappointed to find that Jazzer is also on the pottery trip with the strawberry pickers. He and Jazzer compete for Zofia’s attention but their efforts come to nothing: she is principally concerned with looking after her friend Magda, who is not feeling well, and has little interest in pottery.
  • When the post arrives it brings a disappointment: there is no card from Elizabeth. Ruth conceals her upset. Pip thinks that Elizabeth should not take out on Ruth her continuing spat with David; it’s petty. Ruth of course has taken David’s side but she doesn’t want to quarrel with Elizabeth; apparently Elizabeth does not feel the same way.
  • Later, Spencer smuggles the birthday cake into Brookfield having collected it from Jill. He thinks Pip might make things worse if she tries to intervene but she is determined to make Elizabeth aware that Ruth is upset. She doesn’t know how. She will play it by ear.

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