Pip succeeds at getting a summer job but her attempt at mediation is in vain.

Radio Times: Pip opts for the direct approach, and it is showtime for David and Ruth.

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  • Brookfield’s preparations for the Three Counties Show are in hand, though Josh’s entreaties to go are still falling on deaf ears. Pip is also making preparations: after her exam today, she arranges to call at Lower Loxley.
  • At Home Farm, Brian is hoping for an early email from the Council; actually he is hoping that it will tell him the supermarket firm has decided to go elsewhere and hence the early market deal is off. Adam reports on the unsuccessful amorous efforts of their friendly local milkmen during yesterday’s trip; even Brian has noticed Zofia’s mesmerising blue eyes.
  • David is enjoying a bit of networking at the Show. He blames himself for the missing birthday card. Alas their entry doesn’t win but it was a strong field.
  • All systems go! Brian receives the expected email but it confirms that the deal is on. Now it falls to Brian, who voted against it, to keep the project rolling.
  • How did the exam go? That’s Elizabeth’s cheery greeting. Pip explains her holiday plans and hence the need for a job – elsewhere if Elizabeth doesn’t want her there. Oh! Elizabeth realises that she has forgotten to speak to Lorna and quickly puts right her omission; Lorna is pleased because Pip is highly regarded. Back with Elizabeth, Pip comes straight out with the declaration that she knows her mum’s birthday didn’t also slip her aunt’s mind; it was deliberate and her mum was upset by the absence of a card; surely it doesn’t have to be like this. Elizabeth explains that the rift with David goes deep and so it does have to be like this.

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