Lynda embraces a new challenge. David discovers a new set-back to family harmony.

Radio Times: David finally hears from his sister, and the Snells plan a celebration.

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  • As it is Father’s Day, Ruth and the boys go to the Three Counties Show to support David. Ruth is relieved to see that David is happier and enjoying the company at the show. With Pip’s exams almost over, life at Brookfield seems to be taking a turn for the better.
  • Ruth’s new optimism appears not to have been shared by Jill, as she joins Shula and Alistair for lunch. While the fact that Pip has been taken on again at Lower Loxley is encouraging, Freddie is no longer coming to see Topper at the stables. Shula receives a surprise text from her sister, asking if they can meet.
  • People with no such family worries are the Snells, who ponder how to celebrate their 25 years in Ambridge. Since Lynda is keen to fund-raise for Britain in Bloom, Robert suggests organising an Open Gardens event in the village. Never one to miss an opportunity to organise anything, and with 25 years of organising behind her, Lynda instantly agrees.
  • David’s new cheerfulness is short-lived. On returning to Brookfield, he finds a letter from Elizabeth. She no longer wishes David and Ruth to be guardians to Freddy and Lily.

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