Elizabeth’s latest plans deepen the family rift. Brian makes plans for Ruairidh’s future.

Radio Times: Shula faces a tricky conversation, and Ruairi begins to get excited.

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  • Brian and Jennifer take Ruairidh to see a prep. school. Brian is convinced it is exactly right for Ruairidh and that he is longing to go there. Jennifer sounds much less convinced.
  • Elizabeth calls on Shula and bluntly tells her that she has changed her will, removing David and Ruth as guardians to the twins. She wants Shula and Alistair to replace them. Shocked at her sister’s behaviour, Shula desperately tries to make Elizabeth see what hurt she is causing. But Elizabeth simply resorts to emotional blackmail; if her sister is unwilling to help her, she will look outside the family. Freddy and Lily are what matters.
  • Brian can’t stop extolling the virtues of the school and how Ruairidh is already fitting in. Jennifer can only think that she will lose both him and Phoebe in September. Airily, Brian tells her that this will be their chance for time together. Yes, says Jennifer sourly, she has heard that before, but somehow the farm always comes first.
  • Shula rushes to find David and to say how upset she is over Elizabeth’s behaviour. She is doubly shocked to discover that David knew nothing of Elizabeth’s latest move. Ruth intervenes; Elizabeth is not behaving rationally. Shula agrees, but David refuses to discuss the matter further. Ruth decides she will confront Elizabeth.
  • Brian picks up The Mistress of the Paddocks and reads some of it aloud, laughing at the book. Jennifer maintains a very angry silence at echoes of Brian’s own philandering past.
  • Ruth tries to cheer David up with a walk round the farm, but in vain. He promised Phil that he would farm Brookfield for the family; just look what a mess he has made of it.

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