Hide and seek at the Royal Show, with no unwanted encounters.

Radio Times: Dangerous liaisons at the Royal Show.

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  • David and Ruth had hoped for some quality time together but with Eddie, Clarrie and Joe as passengers, this is going to be difficult. Having reached the Royal Show, they will be able to split up – won’t they?
  • Brian is looking at a trade stand advertising translation services; he insists (with very little resistance from Siobhán) in exploring behind the display boards.
  • Joe has happened upon David and Ruth; isn’t that lucky, he can show them round!
  • Siobhán insists on getting back onto the stand. She declares that she is enjoying being pregnant. She and Brian arrange a meeting tomorrow afternoon, once his business meeting at the Royal Hotel is finished.
  • Jenny loves the Royal; it evokes memories of early days with Brian. Clarrie had earlier bumped into Tom and Kirsty, who is anxiously avoiding Helen.
  • David and Ruth finally get rid of Joe, only to be cornered by Eddie who insists on treating them to lunch; fortunately it is at the very place they had planned to go to anyway and David concedes that it’s more fun in company. Jennifer’s lunch plans are not working though, because Brian has not turned up on time. However, she has seen Siobhán Hathaway and, with memories of being pregnant herself and having to keep working, Jennifer cannot help admiring her.

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