Kate walks in on Brian and Siobhán. How much did she see?

Radio Times: Kate surprises Brian.

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  • Brian’s meeting has moved on to AOB and she has not been waiting long; they look forward to afternoon tea in the hotel lounge.
  • Nearby, Lucas and Kate are seeking a parking place; her dad has seen so little of Nolly that Kate wants to surprise him by catching him for tea after the meeting.
  • At The Bull, Sid and Jolene are preparing the pub for tomorrow’s celebrations – making it into Nashville on the Am.
  • Siobhán has heard from her solicitor that the affidavit has been confirmed but Brian’s is not concentrating: how beautiful she looks, pregnancy suits her. They are contemplating taking a room, even though that would be decadent, when Brian’s surprise walks in. Go! – through the other door. He explains that Kate would have missed him but he had bumped into Siobhán Hathaway and couldn’t get away; perhaps they saw her?
  • Much to Sid’s pleasure, Kathy has brought Jamie to stay the night at The Bull. Kathy paints a rosy picture of her life nowadays, going from strength to strength it would seem; she expresses the wish that for Sid it will work out this time.
  • The post-mortem is conducted on the phone: Brian is just not sure how much Kate or Lucas saw. Did he still have his arm around Siobhán? Could they have seen her hand on his knee? What will Kate do? They will have to wait and see and he will ring her soon. Just as he puts the phone down, Kate comes in; Brian fishes for clues but catches nothing.
  • Sid declares that he has no regrets about marrying Kathy because of Jamie. Jolene feels the same about Fallon. They decide that they are past having children but does that make their impending union be any less of a marriage? No! It cannot come fast enough for Sid.

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