Sid gets his woman; Kenton chases two with limited success.

Radio Times: Nashville-style nuptials for Sid and Jolene.

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  • It is the day of Sid and Jolene’s wedding, Kenton has gate-crashed the ceremony, intended for just family and close friends. Doreen Amanda Rogers becomes Mrs Sidney Perks; the union is sealed with a kiss accompanied by C & W music from Fallon’s tape recorder.
  • Jolene’s sister Nicky having pinched her lift, Fallon is obliged to return to Ambridge in Joe’s pony and trap. It takes a while!
  • Line dancing is popular at the reception, so is Tom and Kirsty’s hog-roast, although Kenton’s preoccupation is with Nicky, much to the annoyance of her husband. Kenton decides to leave early, probably just ahead of getting thumped, with a bottle of wine from Sid for company . . .
  • . . . but he has other ideas for company and seeks out Kathy, just at the end of her stock-take at Lower Loxley. It was the tackiest wedding ever, wall to wall bad taste. How about the two of them celebrating not being there? Undaunted by the news that Kathy has finished at Lower Loxley, he invites himself and his wine to April Cottage.
  • Thanks are expressed all round by the happy couple, to all who have had a hand in the preparations and to Mike and Neil who tomorrow will return everything they have borrowed.
  • Kathy cannot avoid the comparison: Jolene goes to the States on honeymoon but Sid only took her to the Lake District. She and Sid were not getting on, long before Jolene came on the scene. Kenton’s suggestion to open another bottle is turned down, thus thwarting his plan to extend his welcome, but they must do it again, soon!
  • Does it feel different, being married, Sid muses. It’s too early to tell but both are glad they have done it. Ah!

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