Kate departs, leaving Brian wondering whether she has spilled his beans.

Radio Times: How much does Jenny know?

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  • Neil and Mike are keeping their promise to clear up after the wedding, although there seems a lot more than when they agreed to do it.
  • Kate did not want Phoebe to be upset when they said goodbye but she was a bit surprised that it had not bothered her at all. Lucas reassures her that the bond between them can never be broken; Roy and Hayley are bringing her up well and Kate must leave them to get on with it. Kate has had a good time – sort of! There were some awkward moments with dad; he is not himself. She wonders whether he is the father of Siobhán’s baby; after all they saw them together. Lucas saw them in the same room, no more than that. Look at the age difference; what would such a young and attractive woman see in Brian? When Brian comes in to hurry them along, she suddenly decides that she wants a last word with mum in the kitchen.
  • The final goodbye at the airport is inevitably tearful, with Jennifer wishing they did not have to go today and Kate emphasising that mum should remember what she had said, she meant it. What is Brian to make of that? He fishes again. What was the last chat in the kitchen all about? Apparently, Kate wants Jennifer to send her every scrap of information about Phoebe, even though Lucas may think she is interfering. Phew! Brian is so relieved that he feels a large whisky and soda coming on.

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