David and Ruth plan to get a student in to help on the farm; Fallon returns to the Bull, unable to stay with her father, so Peggy decides to move in for the week too.

Radio Times: Peggy’s back behind bars.

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  • Peggy is installed behind the bar at the Bull, with Betty reassuring her about important things such as ashtrays. Roy comes in for a pint and carrying a couple of Fred Astaire videos. Betty remarks that they are not the sort of thing he usually watches, but Roy explains that they are to help him get some ideas for the theme for the Cricket Club dinner.
  • At Brookfield, David and Ruth are cleaning the milking parlour. It seems Jenny is all forlorn since Kate went back to South Africa, although she (Jenny) is being taken out to dinner this week by her publisher – a good sign perhaps.
  • Back at the Bull, Peggy is impressing Roy with her skill at pouring a black and tan when Fallon arrives back. It seems that her dad has got a last minute tour with his band, so Fallon has come back to the Bull rather than staying with his girlfriend. Peggy tries to persuade her to come and stay at the Lodge with her and Jack, but Fallon calls on every excuse in the book to avoid THAT!
  • David and Ruth appear to be using an industrial strength winch to raise the foot of a lame cow. The farm has taken up more time than expected today, so much so that the microwave curry planned for tonight seems further and further away. David thinks they could do with a student to help out on the farm.
  • Jack is trying to force a foot bath onto Peggy after her hard day at the Bull. Peggy is vexed at Fallon staying at the Bull all on her own. She comes up with the perfect plan – a quick call to Sid and Jolene in Nashville should have it sorted, Peggy is moving into the Bull. No doubt Fallon will be delighted!!!

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