Kenton scrounges the use of Phils car for a wild night in Borchester; Jenny’s dinner date with her publisher gives Brian the chance for another evening with Siobhán.

Radio Times: Brian’s eating for two.

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  • Jenny is all set to go out for the evening to have dinner with her publisher. Brian jokes(?) about how dressed up she is – is she sure Alex the publisher is only interested in her writing? Jenny has left some supper for Brian though no doubt he has other plans….
  • Phil is grooming Molly for the Borsetshire show whilst chatting to David. Kenton arrives (so David disappears) and to Phil’s great concern starts rubbing the grooming lotion into Mollys back. Kenton is on the scrounge for a car to go into Borchester to meet some friends. Phil is reluctant, on the basis that Jill might need the car. He lectures Kenton about sorting his life out, but as oily as ever, Kenton maintains that he is very busy helping at Lower Loxley at the moment, and besides, the trip to Borchester is to start networking for possible future business.
  • Brian is preparing to slip off to see Siobhán when David arrives looking for Debbie to talk about Hassett Hills. He mentions his plans to get a student, to which Brian thinks he might be able to help – a Hungarian colleague of his has a son studying agriculture who is keen to come to the UK to improve his English.
  • Later at Siobhán’s flat, Brian is struggling to eat the gourmet dinner prepared for him. He confesses to having already eaten much to Siobhán’s annoyance. He then goes into a self pitying monologue about what a terrible father he is (no mention of being a terrible husband!!) actually wanting Kate to leave for fear of what she might have seen last week at the hotel. Siobhán duly assures him that he is a splendid father, and goes on to suggest he come away with her on Friday to London as she is attending a conference. No promises from Brian, though he says he’ll try.

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