Fallon seems to be getting used to the idea of Peggy being in-situ; Lynda demands that Eddie must move his digger; Brian lets Siobhán down again.

Radio Times: Some bad news for Jennifer.

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  • An irate Lynda rants to Eddie at having been woken before 7:00am by the noise of Eddie’s tape player as he works on his digger. She insists the machine is moved – right now!. This is not possible explains Eddie, but it should be out of her paddock within 3 or 4 days!
  • It seems that Jenny’s dinner with her publisher was only to tell her that he is retiring and therefore cannot publish her book. Brian and Debbie are terribly sympathetic – Brian asks whether another publisher can be found, though it seems that even if that were possible, publication would probably not take place this year.
  • Breakfast time at the Bull. Peggy has done a full english for Fallon, who would much rather have just toast – probably much rather have the Bull to herself no doubt!! Fallon manages to force a sausage or two down none the less. Fallon protests at Peggy’s presence in general – waiting up for her last night, and everything else. However, she (Fallon) seems, underneath that brash exterior, to appreciate the homely concern and attention, to the extent that she is persuaded to join Jack and Peggy for tea (steak and chips – her favourite!) later on.
  • At the fishing lake Brian visits Jenny (who’s on cash collecting duty) to ask her out to a family dinner at Grey Gables on Friday night (Hmmmm…. Haven’t you forgotten Siobhán’s plans Brian?). Jenny is overwhelmed at his consideration, that he would do such a sweet thing to try to cheer her up.
  • Lynda is still on the warpath with Eddie. Her afternoon snooze in the garden has been interrupted by Eddie swearing at his digger and, even worse, singing!! There is absolutely no compromise to be had – the digger has got to go, and NOW!
  • Siobhán returns home to a message on her answer-phone from Brian. He says that one of the farm hands is sick, so he has to be around on Friday to help with the harvest (Very strange!! – no mention of the family meal at Grey Gables, and even stranger, how is it that Borsetshire has managed to start harvest when the rest of the country is suffering a delay due to such poor weather? Hmmm…). Siobhán is naturally disappointed – oh dear.

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