Eddie moves his digger to Willow Farm, much to Mike’s displeasure.

Radio Times: A new addition at Willow Farm.

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  • Alistair has dropped some things off at Brookfield and is chatting to Ruth. He still does not have the go ahead for the surgery conversion at the stables, but he is certainly impressed with the ideas which Lewis has come up with. As they chat, it appears that Usha is set to give Jennifer some help in putting her Ambridge Archive stuff on the net, now that her publishing deal has fallen through.
  • Whilst at Brookfield, Alistair goes to see Phil who is putting Molly through her paces, much to the delight of Josh and Ben. As Alistair puts it – “Man and pig in perfect harmony” (!?!)
  • Eddie is poking around Willow Farm when Mike comes across him and asks what he’s doing. Eddie is rather evasive, making some remarks about checking his heap of compost. He suggests that he and Mike have a couple of pints and a natter later on at the Bull, and rather than meet Mike there, says he will call round again.
  • Later on, Betty has settled down for the evening with Fred Astaire. Mike is looking for his wallet, and as he and Betty reminisce about cinematic times past, Eddie arrives outside – on his digger! Mike is furious, telling him he can’t leave it there, but as Eddie points out, it is Neil’s land (not that he’s asked him), so that’s where it is staying – for now.

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