Nigel seems to be getting more and more hacked off with Kenton; Peggy and Fallon continue to bond at the Bull.

Radio Times: Fallon finds an unlikely confidant.

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  • Gosh – this must be the most boring week in the entire history of the Archers – a case of scriptwriters block I think….
  • Nigel is talking to Kenton, and sounding rather cheesed off about Kenton’s use of Lower Loxley vehicles. Kenton leaves and Nigel and Elizabeth continue chatting – she seems less hacked off with her brother than does Nigel.
  • Peggy is looking for the delivery book at the Bull. Fallon has returned to her normal moody self, though seems to perk up a bit as she and Peggy talk. Fallon talks about her ideas for Dross, whilst Peggy remarks on how fed up Mike seems to be about Eddie and his digger
  • Nigel and Elizabeth are walking in the grounds of Lower Loxley, talking about the Victorian costumes the staff will be sporting as part of the Lower Loxley celebrations. Nigel (still annoyed with Kenton it would appear) says how Kenton strutts around the place as if he is lord of the manor.
  • Back at the Bull Peggy pours Fallon a glass of wine, and thanks Fallon for her help. She reminisces about her former alcoholic husband and about Con, the GI she almost fell for during the war. Fallon opens up about her concerns about Jazzer, with him being so forgetful after his drugs experience. Peggy pours praise on Fallon and tells her what a splendid girl she really is – how nice.

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