Home Farm seems to be set for even more troubled times; Will has problems with Mia.

Radio Times: Brian prepares for the fallout and Will is worried

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  • The Grundys have had a family Sunday. Will is helping Emma to clear things away and all seems well with the world, until Will mentions that he’s going to see his solicitor in order to discuss the custody of the children. Emma’s not sure that it’s the right thing to do, but Will is adamant. Jake comes in and asks if he and Will could have a chat. They leave Emma to her tasks and go and check on the poults together.
  • Ruth arrives at Home Farm for a partners meeting. She tells Jennifer how sorry she was to hear of the latest Environment Agency involvement in the contamination debacle. She goes on to thank Jenny for hosting her birthday event. Just then, Adam turns up. Understandably, given all the circumstances, he’s not full of the joys of spring. What’s more, he’s dreading the meeting.
  • When alone with Will, Jake tells him that Mia is quitting her football teams. In addition, he understands that she’s not doing well at school. There’s even talk of putting in additional support. Will’s flabbergasted, he just can’t understand what’s going on, but Jake can. She’s absolutely dog-tired because of Poppy’s bed-hopping antics. She’s getting no sleep. Will insists that Poppy now stays in her own bed but Jake lays it on the line…she’s in Mia’s bed every night now, and Will just have to do something before things go from bad to worse.
  • The family are waiting for Alice to turn up. Brian has decided not to accede to Kate’s request for a postponement because she’s in the USA. The meeting needs to go ahead. Brian announces that in order to meet the additional clean-up, they will need to sell another 300 acres. Adam soars like a skyrocket. Not only is their reputation shot to pieces by Brian’s moment of madness, but they now have to sell core farmland. Tempers fray as Jennifer calls them both to order. Now is the time for them to pull together as a family and not tear themselves apart. Adam offers a grudging apology. Things calm down as Brian goes to find Alice.
  • William tells Emma that he’s at a loss as to why Mia is giving up her beloved football, without speaking to him. It’s as though she’s trying to sideline him. Emma offers to have a chat with her and see if she can get to the bottom of things. Will expresses his gratitude.
  • Brian gets off the phone with Debbie just as Jennifer walks in. She has agreed to the sale of land as the only sensible way out. Jennifer has spoken to Peggy and explained their difficulties. She won’t be happy until the Environment Agency has quit Home Farm altogether. Jenny asks whether they have planned what land to sell. There are two parcels totalling 270 acres. When she asks where the other 30 acres will come from, Brian indicates an area on the map. “On your head be it,” growls Adam. Clearly, it won’t be a popular decision. But, where can it be?

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