Brian is confronted with the possibillity that ground water has been contaminated and Shula seems to be having second thoughts about ending her marriage.

Radio Times: The Aldridges receive a shock

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  • Jenny complains to Brian that David is hopeless when it comes to planning Ruth’s party. It appears that Jennifer sees this party as reflecting on the fortunes of the Aldridges as well as a celebration of Ruth. She also needs to book Fallon while she still has an opening.
  • Shula is ill and must cancel classes. She thinks she is a bit run down. Alistair offers to prepare her something; Shula refuses and Alistair insists on returning after his appointment.
  • Adam and Brian discuss the maize crop and the soil preparation. Adam is going to leave grass sprouting between the cultivated rows but Brian can’t get used to the idea. The strawberry crop is also looking good. Jennifer calls Brian and she is very disturbed. She wants him to bring Adam with him. People from the Environmental Agency have turned up and they want access to Brian’s office.
  • Alistair brings soup and toast to Shula. He has asked Anisha to take his appointments. Shula is grateful and embarrassed after all she has put Alistair through. They discuss the gossip at the single wicket. They agree Susan Carter is impossible but they laugh about it. Alistair returns with old DVDs that they used to watch at Christmas. This should entertain Shula while she is incapacitated. Alistair mentions he will be back to cook dinner. Shula is touched by how kind he is being. Shula remembers extraordinary kindnesses that Alistair has effected in the past. Everything has changed from the past, Alistair points out.
  • Jenny is blocking the agents when Adam and Brian show up. They claim there is a problem with the clean-up. They cannot force entry to the home without documents but the head agent advises they cooperate without a solicitor. It seems as if the chemicals have leached into the ground water. Brian relents and allows them in.
  • The head of the Environmental Agency notes they have found evidence of ground water contamination. It is one of those unpredictable outcomes. It is difficult to remove chemicals from the soil and river but the ground water cleaning will be much worse. The water will need to be pumped out and treated. It will take much longer than a few weeks. They will be lucky if they are finished before Christmas. How on earth are we expected to survive, cries Brian?

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