Freddie worries Lily is getting much too involved with Russ and Christine’s confusion causes Harrison to be concerned.

Radio Times: Kirsty loses her temper. Christine is out of her depth

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  • Harrison, Fallon and Kirsty talk about the planned plastic-free wedding. Christine comes in and announces she is meeting Jim because he has a surprise in store for her. Christine offers to help with the wedding in some way–perhaps with the flowers. That is covered but they could use some extra help. Christine offers to come up with the table arrangements and that is agreed upon, although reluctantly on Fallon’s part.
  • As Lily and Freddie revise, Ross texts Lily. The twins argue about Lily’s involvement with the married teacher. Freddie is actually worried Lily will mess up her exams because of that man.
  • Kirsty and Fallon talk about William’s difficulty. Philip and Kirsty are still going strong. He is so kind and he listens, declares Kirsty. We have a lot of fun together. Tom comes in and Kirsty flees. Tom invites himself to sit at Hannah’s table. Fallon is called outside to move her car and Christine volunteers to wait at table until she returns. Christine has confused orders, placed coffee in the tea pot and put gluten-free biscuits in with the regular ones. Fallon comes in just in time and Christine is more confused than ever. Perhaps she has even forgotten the correct day of the meeting with Jim?
  • Tom tells Hannah that he had great fun the other night. Perhaps they could do it again sometime. Tom asks Hannah for a specific night. Hannah is honest and says they can only be friends. She doesn’t see him in that way. Kirsty asks how his new housemate is getting along. Tom is prickly because Kirsty has moved on with Philip. Tom tells Kirsty that Philip is all wrong for her; he can just tell. Kirsty is angry and she only came over so that things won’t be awkward between them. She storms out.
  • Freddie is annoyed because Lily is late returning from her time with Russ. Lily confides that Russ has informed the police that someone is dealing drugs and they will be monitoring the CCTV. Perhaps Ellis will be caught out. Then Lily drops the bombshell: Russ is taking her to Greece. His wife will be told he is going to a conference.
  • Harrison has installed a shelf in the cottage but Fallon is sceptical about its reliability. They discuss Christine’s offer of flower arranging. Harrison is worried about her confusion today at the tea room. There is something about Christine that doesn’t feel quite right.

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