Will’s worries drive him into drastic action and Jennifer is in high gear planning Ruth’s party.

Radio Times: Will makes a surprising decision

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  • Emma and Clarrie discuss Poppy’s emotional state. Even Joe is affected by Nic’s death. William is delayed at work. Jake and Mia are due at the airport and Emma volunteers to pick them up. Ed thought Poppy was going back to Will’s but Emma doesn’t want to interrupt her playing. Poppy is missing her mum. She is feeding Peppa Pig. Ed objects he will be a laughing stock if he takes that ram out with that name. The ram has knocked Poppy down and she will now need a bath.
  • Jennifer greets David and announces that she and Brian want to share their good fortune. They would like to host Ruth’s birthday party at Home Farm. David is delighted; it takes a huge weight off his shoulders. David is sure Ruth will be grateful. Jenny wants to know what David has already accomplished but David wants to cut the grass. Jenny persuades him to come inside.
  • Jenny asks poor David very particular foody questions. Vegans? Gluten free? David does have guest lists. Jennifer complains she can’t read David’s handwriting; he’ll have to send the guest lists via email. What about live music or DJ? Colour scheme? Theme? David is speechless.
  • Emma is clearing up the supper dishes and the kids are playing upstairs. Will wants to go straight up but Emma convinces him to sit a bit. Emma laughingly tells Will that the ram knocked Poppy over but Will can’t see the humour. He frets that Andrew will find out and he’ll lose custody. He goes straight up as Emma sighs with frustration.
  • Jennifer continues her interrogation. Glass of champagne or cocktail upon arrival? David is bewildered as he says Ruth likes both. Jenny wants the night to be a celebration of Ruth but she needs details. David promises to answer all of Jennifer’s emailed questions but now he needs to check on the heifers. Why not ask Jill to help, suggests Jenny? And what about Ruth’s present, is Jennifer’s parting retort?
  • When Will comes back downstairs, Emma is clearing the dishwasher. Will is even worse in his worries about Andrew. He now is fearful Andrew will take the kids abroad. Emma points out that Andrew and his partner both have jobs here. Will is tired and he is becoming obsessed, argues Emma. Will declares that he has decided he will try and get custody of Jake and Mia.

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