Honeysuckle Cottage’s garden is dug up and Robert doesn’t want to talk to Lynda

Radio Times: Robert is tongue-tied.

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  • Siobhán and Tim are disturbed by an intruder who has apparently dug up half their garden. He/she makes off before they can see who it is.
  • Clarrie visits Lynda, who is turning Ambridge hall upside down looking for a phone number. Robert is ‘visiting friends in Wales’ and she needs to contact him. Clarrie suggests that Robert might just keep such numbers on the computer. Lynda hadn’t thought of that. The real reason for Clarrie’s visit is to check if Lynda really wants to be in Joe and Eddie’s quiz team (a note of incredulity creeps in) Lynda tentatively agrees, but is saved by the bell literally. Marjorie phones to ask her the very same thing. Whew!
  • A phone in show on Borsetshire Radio is discussing the school closure issues. Pat and a local councillor are the studio guests. Siobhán phones in with a forceful contribution, making the point that two good small schools do not necessarily make one good big school. She then craftily introduces the subject of the increase in the village envelope and the proposed housing development. The radio host picks up on this as intended and puts out an invitation for any of the directors of Borsetshire Land to call in with their point of view. The cat is well and truly out of the bag!
  • Rosemary has called on Siobhán to get Nelson’s death certificate translated before she leaves Ambridge tomorrow. It states the cause of death as ‘heart failure’ Rosemary finds this strange – he was a reasonably fit and healthy man in his sixties. The police woman in her is evidently coming to the fore. Before Rosemary leaves, Siobhán mentions the midnight gardener. Rosemary has no idea …
  • Clarrie meets Tim in the porch of the surgery – she’s going in to make an appointment as her back is really sore, and she of all people hasn’t got time to be ill. He suggests it’s her spate of garden preparation that’s the cause. She introduces him to a passing Rosemary. Conversation turns to her stay, she’s been comfortable at Grey Gables, however there are some very ‘exotic’ guests there at present. She brings the conversation to the midnight marauders, explaining she’s just come from talking with Siobhán. Tim thinks it was probably just vandals. However, Clarrie leaps to the inevitable and startling conclusion. Was someone looking for the mailvan robbery cash?
  • Lynda finally gets through to the Welsh number. Yes, Robert is there, but he doesn’t want to speak to her. She is distraught.

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