David’s not for cheering – nether is Brian.

Radio Times: Brian gets an ear-bashing.

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  • David is checking the foot and mouth situation on the internet but is exasperated by no more news. Ruth tries to divert him with village gossip but he’s really not in the mood. She does her best to reassure him and suggests maybe its time they looked ahead and make plans for the herd. David’s not playing though!
  • Brian steps right on Jack’s toes in the shop. He’s only gone in for a bottle of water but is treated to a diatribe from Jack on his responsibilities to the village. Brian, beleaguered, storms out …
  • … to the Bull, where Siobhán, still shaking from a near miss with Lynda, who apparently pulled straight out in front of her without looking, also launches into him. She’s been to the planning offices and has seen some proposals about change in land use. Brian’s temper, notwithstanding Sid’s whiskey and unbiased remarks, frays even more.
  • David’s mood is also no more improved by a morning’s struggle with tractor maintenance. Ruth drags him back to a discussion about future plans – she’s like a terrier with a bone – but he can’t get his head around anything at the moment. She finally gives up.
  • Discussing the beauties of Ambridge on the bridge, Siobhán tells Jack that coming to Ambridge was, to her, like coming home. She is determined to carry the fight against the housing plans, whatever they turn out to be.
  • Ruth and Phil, hosing down in the milking parlour muse over their ‘prisoner’ status. They are all fed up now and Ruth feels helpless. Phil reminds her that plans in farming are always contingent – you never know what’s around the corner

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