The Jersey Lily’s not so fragrant, as both Lynda and Jennifer keep quiet about their secrets.

Radio Times: Lynda hopes for a change of heart.

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  • Poignantly Lynda is trying to get hold of Robert, yet again. The phone keeps ringing, but he doesn’t answer.
  • Lillian and Jennifer meet in the Health Club. Lillian taking quite a bit of gin with her mineral water, much to Jennifer’s snobbish disgust. Lillian pulls the heart strings over missing Nelson, she feels it is all so unfinished – she never got to really say goodbye. Jennifer’s sense of the romantic overcomes her sisterly scepticism.
  • Shula and Chris chatting after church are envying Alistair and Daniel who have gone straight from church to some cricket practice – a palm cross is no match for willow and leather it seems. Shula remarks on Jill (who has strangely escaped from Brookfield Foot and Mouth purdah) and Hayley chatting over wedding cake decorations. Hatches, matches and dispatches, these are the things of which village life is made. The conversation turns again – inevitably – to Nelson. Janet arrives to be congratulated on the lovely service. She’s keen to know if Shula knows any more about the housing development rumours but Shula has nothing to tell. There is some news about the school closure campaign though. The letter writing seems to be getting to the councillors.
  • Jennifer, waiting for Lillian in Grey Gables, does some gentle probing into Lynda’s affairs – after proferring her sympathies of course. Lynda, for once isn’t saying anything.. Joined by Lillian, who has been talking to Oliver Stirling, Lillian does some probing of her own, over the housing development. Now it’s Jennifer’s turn to shut up! Lillian weighs in with a couple of choice remarks about Brian and Jennifer realises that her sister hasn’t changed.

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