Howard Friend agrees to think again and the panto is taking shape, albeit without Eddie.

Radio Times: Neil dons Lincoln Green.

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  • Lynda asks Tony to pass on a copy of the panto rehearsal schedule for Neil. Tony’s a little surprised that Neil’s agreed to participate, but he was enthusiastic when he heard that Mike was taking part. Tony’s surprised at that too. Lynda admits that his participation isn’t official yet, but once he hears that Neil’s involved ….. Tony, though, isn’t going to be hooked by that line although when Lynda turns on the full “I was supporting Tommy when he needed it and now I need support” he capitulates.
  • Hayley and Tommy are meeting with Howard Friend to discuss his manager’s decision to withdraw their order for the sausages. Officially, he backs the decision and concedes that it was because of the trial. While his company opposes any genetic modification, he is also running a business and cannot afford to be tarred with the direct action brush. Tommy’s being his normal hot-headed self, but the calmer Helen tries to find some common ground. The not guilty verdict must help, but the trial also underlined that Tom wasn’t an habitual trasher of GM crops, so if he undertook not to repeat the act, wouldn’t that go some way to repair that bridge? He made no promises, but would discuss the matter with his manager and get back to them.
  • Hayley and Robert are working on the props for the panto, as well as trying out some of the archery sound-effects that he’s run up on his computer. Lynda’s happy that her cast is generally sorted, although she’s disappointed that Eddie seems to think he has better things to do than get involved ….