Jennifer’s worried about Kate and should Kathy be worrying about Sid?

Radio Times: Jolene: leotard, Sid: pants.

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  • It’s Home Farm’s turn to lurch from one drama to the next. As Debbie and Brian’s relationship starts to thaw, it’s Kate’s turn to cause the headaches. While Debbie is happy to blame her lifelong penchant for emotional crises, Jennifer is increasingly of the view that there is something worth worrying about. She just doesn’t seem to be able to get her enthused about anything at the moment.
  • Jason’s cracking on with Woodbine Cottage – the skip is never empty of rubble and Sid has a little grumble about the early morning starts! He is also fed up with Eddie using the Bull’s phone as an answering service, doubly annoyed that Eddie won’t repay the favour by adding his name to the New Year’s Eve bar rota to keep the pub open all night.
  • Peggy hears from Chris and George that Lillian is in fine fettle at home in Guernsey, taking up with a man half her age! Peggy likes the idea of spending New Year over there, but is conscious that New Year’s Eve was John’s birthday and is worried about the effect of the worldwide mood of celebration will have on Pat.
  • Sid’s afternoon off at the gym sees him “coincidentally” bump into Jolene, a few mutually admiring words and they set off around their circuits together ….